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Secured Site Trusted since 2004, by YAHOO & Bank of America Merchant Services. Two GREAT products: Hyaluronic Acid Joint Care FREE SHIPPING, Organic One Natural Fire Ant Killer Discounted Shipping. The Hyaluronic Acid used in our products comes from a sterile, bio-fermentation extraction process, which is labeled "synthetic". Other sources of Hyaluronic Acid, which are often labeled "natural", may include rooster comb and bovine ocular material. Our Hyaluronic Acid is more ideal and consistent in terms of molecular weight than naturally sourced Hyaluronic Acid. In addition there is not the same potential of animal protein transference that can cause a severe allergic reaction in the synthetic Hyaluronic Acid as a "natural" Hyaluronic Acid. Organic One Fire Ant Killer with food grade Diatomaceous Earth the BEST Natural Fire Ant and natural pest killer on the market easy refill,save money,Organic One Fire Ant Killer.

Free Shipping pertains to all Kinetic Products. Discounted Shipping on Organic One. Organic One ships USPS Priority Mail I print my labels on line to receive a discount from USPS, I also give a added discount of 15% off Organic One's shipping, within the U.S. Shipping charges will be shown as a separate charge on your credit card statement. There is no handling fee.

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Conquer k9 Hip, Joint and Muscle
Conquer Hip, Joint, & Muscle is a veterinarian-researched and developed, clinically demonstrated formula containing proven ingredients to support the health of a dog's cartilage and joints. This all inclusive formulation combines Hyaluronic Acid and Glucosamine to support joint health, Bromelain to support the immune system.
Availability: Usually ships in 5-7 business days
Conquer k9 Hip, Joint and Muscle K9HJM
Secured Site Trusted since 2004, by YAHOO & Bank of America Merchant Services. Thank you, Sandy